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Some 3-Days-O events shall take place near St.Petersburg every June.
You can ask organizers of the "Nevsky Azimuth", "Yarky Mir", "White Nights", "Karelian Rocks" and the Mikhail Svyatkin Memorial for more information.

Welcome to St.Petersburg orienteering!
St.Petersburg - the Motherland of orienteering in Russia

The first orienteering competitions by contemporary rules in St.Petersburg (Leningrad) and in the whole USSR took place on July 19, 1959 at the Karelian isthmus near Roschino. There were many tourist competitions of similar kind in Leningrad before it, but participants of these events were tourist teams of 3-4 members, the members of the teams had to carry some load, and these competitions were held only during night time (also in winter).

Because it was the first event by principle new rules, the orienteers of St.Petersburg believe this date as the birthday of orienteering in the USSR, although the first All-Union Competitions were held only in 1963.

During last more than 45 years there were many "first in Russia" competitions in St.Petersburg, such as the first USSR Veteran Competitions in 1980, The First USSR Championships in 1981, World Cup Event in 1992, Veteran World Cup in 1995, World Masters Ski-Orienteering Championships in 1999, and other. St.Petersburg sportsmen always were between the best in the USSR and Russia in both Foot and Ski Orienteering.

The terrain near St.-Petersburg gives excellent possibilities for orienteering both in summer and in winter. Our local starts pick up hundreds of participants. Many Russian and foreign orienteers come to our traditional June 3-Days-O competitions, such as "White Nights", "Nevsky Azimut", "Karelian Rocks", "Yarky Mir" and the Mikhail Svyatkin Memorial.

Join us! Welcome to the world of St.Petersburg orienteering.

St.Petersburg Foot-Orienteering Champions, 1959-2008
St.Petersburg Ski-Orienteering Champions, 1960-2008

St.Petersburg orienteers - winners and prizers of Soviet and Russian national Championships
St.Petersburg orienteers - participants of the World Orienteering Championships
World Cup - 1992, Event 3 Veteran World Cup - 1995 1999 World Masters Ski-O Championships Junior World Ski-Orienteering Championships - 2003